Why Work For DSB?


isn't Always Better

At DSB we value our drivers, which is why they go the extra mile for us. 

Our drivers work together to get the job done right.  DSB is a group effort, and that cooperation has made us what we are today.

In it Together

Do you have what it takes to drive for DSB?

The driver position is a full-time on-call position and drivers need to be available and able to drive at all times. 

Drivers must have a smartphone be able to receive and send texts and reliable access to a computer/scanner to submit paperwork,

Drivers are expected to answer their cell phones immediately at any time day or night. 

Drivers may arrange for scheduled time off.

Drivers are paid weekly. Drivers receive minimum weekly base pay which is subject to conditions to qualify.

A mandatory background check, drug test, and health screen is required.

DSB Transport drivers are expected to dress and conduct themselves professionally. 

An overnight stay in a hotel may be necessary on occasion.

Drivers are responsible for keeping the vehicle clean, check all the fluids each week,.

Drivers are paid by the miles driven or for minutes waiting.

Drivers enjoy personal use of the vehicle with restrictions and provisions.

Supportive dispatchers and personnel are there to help drivers in the field.

Drivers are dispatched from home and must be able to be en route to the pickup location within fifteen minutes of being called.

Reliable and responsible persons having a strong work ethic who can be a part of a team effort are encouraged to apply.